Graphic Design. Katelyn Neily. Victoria, BC, Canada.

Colloquium DVD Series

The Colloquium Series is a set of free lectures put on every year by the Arts and Humanities department at Vancouver Island University. Each lecture is put on by a different faculty member or guest speaker, and can be on any topic. The challenge with creating DVD covers and discs for this series was finding a concept that would speak to the complexity of the issues being discussed but simple enough to adapt to such a broad range of subjects. I decided to use a silhouette as the commonality between the pieces. Inside the silhouette, I placed another image. Together the silhouette and the inside image represent the subject of the lecture. For example, "One Bird, Two Notes" by Sasha Koerbler is about classical composers imitating the rhythms of songbirds in their music. My design for this lecture is silhouette of a bird enclosing sheet music.

Katelyn Neily