Graphic Design. Katelyn Neily. Victoria, BC, Canada.

Flip Ice Cream Package

The assignment was to design a series of packages for a food product.  My goal was to design an ice cream brand that would appeal to two of the largest ice cream consumers - seniors, and young mothers shopping for their families. To begin, I did research on my two target audiences. Seniors are looking for healthier and more affordable options, and like small portions. Young mothers have similar preferences and also typically buy snacks that take very little preparation, or that their kids can fetch themselves.


My solution was “Flip” ice cream. The ice cream bars are individually wrapped and very easy to slide out of the packaging. My reasoning is that both seniors and young children would find this easier. The stand-out part of this design is that it sits upside down in the freezer, with the stick pointing upwards. The flavour is displayed on the stick. This helps it stand out in grocery freezers.


In addition, the lid is attached to the stick, so that when you pull the ice cream bar out and turn it rightside up, it catches the drips. Perfect for children. I choose the name “Flip” because it is fun, short and easy to remember.


Watch the video to see my process developing the Flip series.

Katelyn Neily