Graphic Design. Katelyn Neily. Victoria, BC, Canada.

Portal Magazine Cover

A series of designs for the cover of literary magazine, Portal. Portal has a specific identity of being a national literary magazine produced by students at Vancouver Island University. It is sold in racks, so the top of the cover needy to clearly show the title, but also be intriguing and include contrasting colours.

The cover needed to reflect the content of the magazine, which was varied but tended to be dark and revolve around themes of life’s trials, with many works dealing with death.  The editors were very concerned about not appearing as a book or as having science fiction content.

  • Georgia O'Keefe

    I was inspired by the artist Georgia O’Keefe. Like many of the authors in Portal, O’Keefe was fascinated by life and death and often used the juxtaposition of the two subjects in her art. My recent trip to New Mexico gave me the knowledge and photographs I needed to complete this piece.

    The imagery is sophisticated and thought provoking while also being shocking enough to quickly pull attention. I used a bright pink flower an some pink typography to push the contrast further.

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  • Cave at Night

    This design combines an ethereal, open feel of the night sky, with the image of confined but welcoming lit cavern. For this piece I took a picture of the night sky and recloured it in Photoshop, adding more stars. The shot of the cave was taken a night with a long exposure, the cave was lit up inside for only a second, but it was long enough to get warm, orange colours.

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  •  Antelope Canyon

    The inspiration for this cover came from Antelope Canyon, Arizona. The light and rocks allows for fascinating photography. For this piece, I combined three photographs to remove the points of reference. Sand is falling up and sunlight is coming in from multiple directions, giving it an otherworldly feel. When editing this cover, I brought out the complimentary purples and yellows in the rocks.

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Katelyn Neily